About Us

So what’s the story?

Ship Manifest showing the immigration of my grandfather, Michael Harrison in 1911.

“Every picture tells a story” Rod Stewart, 1971

“Every Brewery tells a story” Mike Harrison, 2018

Here’s our story. It starts with Heritage. Once upon a time a long, long time ago…

My story begins the same as the many of you reading this. Maybe your great, great grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, aunt, uncle or maybe you came here to find an opportunity.

In my case, it’s my grandfather, Michael Harrison, who immigrated here from Sligo, Ireland.

Ireland, now that’s a place that knows a thing or two about brewing beer…. and drinking it as well I might add….

I would like to say my grandfather brought Ancient Harrison Family Brewing Recipes with him to pass down, but that would be a lie, (but a really cool story). Maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity to pass along the OBC brewing recipes to my grandchildren.*

To this day the Harrison Family still owns Harrison’s Bar and Restaurant in Sligo, Ireland as they have for over 100 years, now run by my cousin Declan. And that is not a lie!

We brew small batch traditional Irish Ales and Stouts and American style Ales and Lagers. This all starts with using the finest ingredients and “old world” craftsmanship. We import some Malt from Ireland, to deliver you a sip from across the pond.

So that’s the Irish-American connection; I’m proud of my heritage and proud to be an American, the land of Opportunity….nice segue to the name.

The name, Opportunity.

We all want opportunity and we’ve all had them.

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity or screwed one up? I have and I’ve screwed a bunch up too.

Is it just me?

I am very grateful for the many opportunities that I have had, missed and screwed up and I’m grateful for this opportunity; The Opportunity Brewing Company. Thank you to the many who helped get us here!

OBC is a production brewery that partners with, contracts with, and collaborates with local established craft breweries and Brewers to create some exciting small-batch brews. We truly appreciate the opportunity our brewery friends have extended to us, thank you! As a startup, we do not have our own tasting room….yet. The tasting room is a work in progress; finding the right opportunity (and the $$) to build our own space. Till then, we are grateful for our tasting room partners; the taverns, bars and restaurants that will have our core beers and new releases for you to try thank you.

We hope you enjoy Opportunity Brewing as much as we did bringing it to you!

This Story is to be continued, stay tuned.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Chief Story Teller

*As I was writing the copy for this page, my daughter gave birth to our first grandbaby!
We have an heiress to the kingdom