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We have an opportunity to do something

I’m Mike Harrison of the Opportunity Brewing Company and I would like to thank everyone for their support, especially over the last couple of weeks, so thank you. I would also like to acknowledge our front line health care workers, first responders, the good folks taking care of our elders in assisting living and nursing homes, grocery workers, and all those deemed to be essential workers that go to battle every day for us, thank you. We are eternally grateful; stay well, be safe, and God+Bless.

Everyone’s world has been turned upside down; Businesses are closing, too many have lost jobs. Some brewery friends have lost jobs or hours because of the shutdown, same for my good friends in the restaurant business. The restaurant biz is tough enough when thing are “good”. These restaurants are fighting to keep their doors open, trying to keep an employee or two paid with takeout, curbside, and deliveries. Great job, keep up the good work, hang in there!
So if you can, please support your local restaurants, breweries, and businesses!

Another group that desperately needs your help is children, hungry children. Many kids counted on 2 meals a day from their schools that are now closed. With school meals not an option and many others needing assistance, our food banks are overwhelmed. There’s an opportunity to help here and I have an idea… and I have some beer!
Do I have your attention now??? I hope so!

Here’s what we’re going to do; buy Irish Amnesia IPA or Sligo Stout, a Dry Irish Stout from any of our package store/restaurant partners, and Opportunity Brewing Compay will donate ($3.00 per 4pk or $20.00 per case) purchased to our local food bank!
So how can you help? If you can help, please drink or “Beer it Forward” Irish Amnesia or Sligo Stout and you’ll be helping! Feels good to help, right? Good people drink good beer do good things! We have an opportunity to do something here, let’s do it!

If you like what we’re doing, I hope you share this.
If we all do a little, a lot can happen. Let’s spread some love, not the virus.
Thank you for your support. Stay safe and well, God bless!


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