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St. Patrick’s Day (2020)2021, too many parades missed, too many pipes not heard, too many dancers not cheered, too many glasses not raised, too many meals not shared and no kiss me I’m Irish shenanigans! This was my( first) second St. Patrick’s Day in business and I was so looking forward to today and all the missed celebrations this past( weekend) year. I cannot possibly thank you all enough for the continued love and support Opportunity Brewing has received, I am truly humbled. This year’s and last year’s celebrations weren’t meant to be again, we all need to stay safe and healthy so we can celebrate face to face next year (God willing)! So please, first, go wash your hands, then (remove your mask) raise a glass to the ones that are with you while remembering the ones that are not, Sláinte!
Until next year…

I’m parched, how about you?
Anyway, if you know anybody who likes beer, might like beer, who may someday like beer or can spell beer please let them know about The Opportunity Brewing Company!
Thank you for the Opportunity… Stay safe and well, God bless!

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